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Sri Sach Khand, Hazoor Sahib

Sri Asa Di War is a collection of 24 pauris or stanzas written by Guru Nanak Devji [Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page 462-475]. The first 9 and latter 15 stanzas were written at different times and finally compiled together by Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji, the 5th Guru Nanak, in 1604 AD.

  Guru Arjan Devji when assimilating the Holy Granth, added a few Sloks of Guru Nanak and in some cases Guru Angad Dev ji. These Sloks are tied together in a way that they relate to the same theme as highlighted in the pauri.

  The present of Asa Di War contains a few more shabads recited by Guru Ram Das.

The Asa Di War kirtan is recited in a very melodious way and style as mentioned by Guru Arjan Dev Ji called "Tunde Asraje Ki Dhuni" after the name of the contemporary brave and pious king Asraj. One of the hands of the king was amputated, so he was called Tunda meaning crippled. The deeds and the ode of this king was sung by the bards in that typical fashion which then was extremely popular and melodious and was therefore adopted to performing Asa Di War.