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Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Hukamnama from Sri Harimandir Sahib 

Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur 

What is Sikhism

Sikhism is a monotheistic faith. It recognizes God as the only One. He who is not subject to time or space. He who is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the Universe.

Moreover in Sikhism, ethics and religion go together. The inculcation of moral qualities and the practise of virtue in everyday life is a vital step towards spriritual development. Qualities like honesty, compassion, generosity, patience, humility etc. can be built up only by effort and perseverance. The lives of the Gurus show how they lived their lives according to code of etchics.

...Dr. Gobind Mansukhani.

Objectives of the foundation

  1. Organize "nirole" Sri Asa Di Vaar and other Gurbani Kirtan being performed in the homes of the Sadh Sangat.
  2. Organize "nirole" Gurbani Kirtan and "Vichaar" based on the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji (the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs) and encourage self-participation by Sadh Sangat in recitation of Gurbani and Shabad Kirtan.
  3. Distribute booklets on Gurbani and Shabad Kirtan and audio tapes on Gurbani Kirtan and Gurmat Vichaar for self participation.
  4. Offer incentives to Sikh youth towards Gurbani, Sikh History and literature. (Engourage competition for awards among the Sikh youth by submitting written essays and art work on Sikhism.
  5. Offer scholarships for college education to deserving Sikh students with good acedemic record at the same time maintaining their Sikh values and cultural heritage.
  6. Strive to provide immediate short-term financial assistance to Sikh families in distress.(regardless of any consideration of one's place of origin)

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